Truly One Fitting for ALL pipes.

No need to stock a separate product range for flexible pipes like our competitors!

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Connect NG & HG – METRIC – Braided hose – Spiral Hose.

You can even adapt fittings down one or two sizes with our inserts!

No problem connecting to steel/lead/copper/pvc etc with our universal transition kit. All retail packed and ready to hang in store.

Easy to stock , affordable & guaranteed.

Ask about our free euro slot retail packs & our Barcode wheels.

Tested & Certified: Certificate Number: P085305

GRIPMAX will seal Normal Gauge and Heavy Gauge Pipes

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First time…….. Every time!

Normal Gauge & Heavy Gauge Pipes are LOW DENSITY.

EASY TO SCRATCH / NOTCH and easy to squash under force from a wrench!

Low density pipes all over the world use the Insert system.

Inserts guarantee the connection seal.

GRIPMAX comes with a Barbed insert as standard.

Water Flows at its fastest in the center of the pipe. Fact.

The Insert has little effect on flow rates.

But it has a massive effect on leak tightness and reliability.


Certificate Number: P085305

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