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Irelands complete water system,
For Irish Farmers
by Irish Farmers

Ireland’s own water fittings & pipes.

Seal first time, every time with Gripmax Hydrodare super seal insert fittings.

Sleep sound knowing Gripmax Hydrodare Rural pipes have you covered.

Choose premium Water fittings and water pipes from one manufacturer.

Peace of mind Guaranteed! 

A few things we’re great at

We like to provide peace of mind to Irelands Farmers. We don’t appreciate the “pass the buck” attitude of some manufacturers. Our goal it to provide you with the highest quality, fit for purpose products available on the market today. All the while, keeping premium quality & low costs.
Sleep sound knowing your pipe system is covered by our complete range.
Choose one manufacturer for premium pipes & fittings.
Choose Gripmax Hydrodare.

Advanced materials

We use the most advanced materials available in our products, Polyethylene, Acetyl, Polypropylene, Nitrile, Nylon..etc.

Cost effective

We build our products specifically for Irish conditions. No need for special adapters. Gripmax is Irish made for Irish pipe systems.

Simple to use

No special tools required. Guaranteed to seal even when only hand tight!


Built to the highest standards and independantly tested.

Gripmax is the one to trust!

Phone: 021 488 5881