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  With distinctive Inserts, Gripmax fittings are specifically designed for joining Irish Agri pipe. Gripmax compression fittings are manufactured from tough, high performance plastics providing excellent UV, impact and corrosion resistance. Gripmax fittings make joining Hydrodare / Alkathene pipe so simple – all you need is a hacksaw, a mallet and a pair of hands. The Gripmax range is also 100% interchangeable with the our Metrix range of compression fittings, offering greater flexibility between Imperial and Metric pressure pipe connections.  Made for Irish conditions – don’t ask for a fitting, ask for a Gripmax. Contact your local area rep or the office directly. 021 4885881 We are delivering via courier NATIONWIDE.     Seal 1st time Every time on all HYDRODARE pipes! Even on this pipe!! OVAL, SCRATCHED & WORN its not a problem for Gripmax super seal inserts. A real world problem facing Irish farmers every day, is that old pipes need to be repaired. Quickly and in a cost efficient manner. Will a push-fit fitting seal this pipe? In this case, a tractor rolled over a pipe line, and ripped a hole in the pipe on a sharp rock underneath. This picture above, is what farmers are greeted with when they cut away the broken section. especially if all they have to hand is a penknife. IN THIS CASE YOU MUST USE GRIPMAX WATER FITTINGS, or spend money on a new section of smooth round pipe and 2 push fit fittings. GRIPMAX super seal insert fittings will seal this pipe in seconds! No messing with special cutters, liners or wrenches. There is only one fitting that will seal this type of pipe 1st time every time! GRIPMAX  super seal insert system……..GUARANTEED! Step 1. Pop the nut and external Gripmax collet on Step 2. Push in the Gripmax superseal insert. Step 3. Tighten by hand. . DONE! How long are we serving IRISH FARMERS. We launched GRIPMAX Pipe fittings in 2009   &  &  GRIPMAX PIPES in 2017. We now have hundreds of retailers stocking Gripmax  Fittings & Pipes nationwide. Why are we so successful? We wanted to offer the Irish farmer 100% peace of mind 3 step process when it comes to Water system installation. Whilst offering the simplest to use & best performing connection available. 1. Buy Gripmax pipes and fittings, which just so happen to be the best value system available. 2. Seal 1st time, every time. No leaks -Guaranteed. 3. Sleep easy.  We’ve got you covered . You know that you are covered by our GRIPMAX total pipe system. WRc Tested and certified fittings with IS134 Virgin material hydrodare pipes. Its that simple. T&C’s apply *Note: We appreciate all of the direct calls, but GRIPMAX is only available through our retail partners nationwide. 021 4885881 for info.

Why did we get into the Water Pipes & Fittings business?

We began to develop our own water connection back in 2009.

Around then Irish consumers of water connections for HYDRODARE LDPE NG & HG, were beginning to be offered a product designed for MDPE and HDPE. This is a much harder material, harder to bend and harder to use with a harder outer surface. Not ideal for using every day on Irish farms.

Having plenty of workable Hydrodare LDPE Normal/ Heavy gauge lines to install and maintain ourselves we saw that the situation was not ideal.

Like us, Farmers and other end users were quite vocal with their opinion on the new offering from our now competitors.

We wanted the old system back, the system that had worked perfectly for so long. The system that was fit for purpose not just for profit.

We invested time & money to build the ideal product for Irish consumers, & it was well worth it.

Now we have a perfect “fit for purpose” connection for LDPE NG & HG Pipes.


** NEW: Look out for our in store pipe coil displays.


Tested & Certified: Certificate Number: P085305


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