With distinctive Inserts, Gripmax fittings are specifically designed for joining Irish Agri pipe.    OVAL, SCRATCHED & WORN down pipe? not a problem for Gripmax super seal inserts. This is a real world problem facing Irish farmers every day, old pipes need to be repaired. Would a push-fit fitting seal this pipe? In this case, a tractor rolled over a pipe line, and ripped a hole in the pipe on a sharp rock underneath. This (picture above) is what farmers are greeted with when they cut away the broken section. especially if all they have to hand is a penknife. IN THIS CASE YOU MUST USE GRIPMAX WATER FITTINGS, or spend money on a new section of smooth round pipe and 2 push fit fittings. GRIPMAX super seal insert fittings will seal this pipe in seconds! No messing with special cutters, liners or wrenches. There is only one fitting that will seal this type of pipe first time, every time! GRIPMAX ……..GUARANTEED! Step 1. Pop the nut and external Gripmax collet on Step 2. Push in the Gripmax super-seal insert. Step 3. Tighten by hand. . You have completed the connection, maximum grip, maximum seal & maximum ease.

Why did we get into the Water Pipes & Fittings business?

 We launched GRIPMAX Pipe fittings in 2009   &   GRIPMAX PIPES in 2017. We now have hundreds of retailers stocking Gripmax  Fittings & Pipes nationwide. We began to develop our own water connection back in 2009. Around then Irish consumers of water connections for HYDRODARE LDPE NG & HG, were beginning to be offered push fit products designed for MDPE and HDPE. MDPE is a much harder material, harder to bend and harder to use with a harder outer surface.
Its not ideal for using every day on Irish farms. Having plenty of  Hydrodare LDPE Normal/ Heavy gauge lines to maintain on our own farm, we saw that the situation was not ideal. Like us, other Irish Farmers were quite vocal at the time, ” We want the old system back“, the system that had worked perfectly for so long. The system that was fit for purpose!

We invested time and money to build the ideal product for Irish Farmers and it was well worth it.

Now we have a “fit for purpose” connection for LDPE Hydrodare / Alkathene NG & HG Pipes.   Seal First time, Every time!

Gripmax Hydrodare Alkathene Rural Water Pipes & Fittings

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